Re: integrate sawfish into Emacs?

* William Xu <william xwl gmail com> [050715 01:28]:

> Haven't tried that yet. But can you do this? :-)
> Now when i'm in Emacs, i use ido.el package, switch buffers with "C-x b" all
> the time, but when i'm out of Emacs, i've to use Ctrl-TAB to switch between
> different apps. i wish i could control other out-of-emacs apps by "C-x b" as 
> well.

why not just extend sawfish with this functionality?  i wrote a window
manager, which amongst other things, allows you to search for windows
in this manner:

and, then i extended sawfish to do the same:

some code there borrowed from iswitch-window.


marius a eriksen <marius monkey org> |

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