Re: integrate sawfish into Emacs?

On 7/15/05, Suraj <suraj symonds net> wrote:
> William Xu wrote:
> ,----
> | Do you  guys think  of integrating sawfish  into Emacs? i.e.,  to make
> | Emacs be the WM! So that maybe most of the applications, like firefox,
> | xpdf,...which  are  currently  outside  Emacs's world,  will  be  also
> | controlled by Emacs. And that's cool!
> `----
> sawfish-client is powerful  enough for most of my  requirements. I use
> screen +  emacs-server (and  of course sawfish  :) ). I  use sawfish's
> matched  windows feature to  put emacs  in Desktop#8  and I  have some
> wrapper  functions  to switch  to  desktop#8  when  emacs is  invoked.
> Similarly when closing the buffer,  I have emacs run sawfish-client to
> put me back to the Desktop from which I invoked emacsclient.

Haven't tried that yet. But can you do this? :-)

Now when i'm in Emacs, i use ido.el package, switch buffers with "C-x b" all
the time, but when i'm out of Emacs, i've to use Ctrl-TAB to switch between
different apps. i wish i could control other out-of-emacs apps by "C-x b" as 


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