Re: using relative paths (for images) needs default-directory gaoled

If the only reason for this is so you can run sawfish uninstalled, I don't think it's a good idea to add that variable to the sandbox - especially since it's involved in I/O

also, I don't understand why it doesn't already work as intended - image-load-path should include the absolute path to the theme directory..?


On Feb 4, 2005, at 2:34 PM, Michal Maruška wrote:

For example if you want to run sawfish in place (without running make install), SAWFISHDOCFILE=./DOC SAWFISHDIR=./ SAWFISHLISPDIR=./lisp SAWFISHEXECDIR=./src/.libexec src/sawfish
might fail w/ errors like:
bad argument: make-image  () 1
which is very misleading, given that the wrong argument is given to the
file-name-as-directory alias Ffile_name_as_directory, which is called w/ the
value of default-directory.
the images are used inside (gaoled) themes, so
  lisp/sawfish/wm/gaol.jl  needs:
  (define safe-specials
-    '(default-foreground display-name canonical-display-name
+ '(default-foreground display-name canonical-display-name default-directory

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