Re: sawfish-client evaluation

Eric Mangold wrote:
On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 13:52:30 +1000, Rafal Kolanski <rafalk cse unsw edu au> wrote:
It also does not save anything into .xsession-errors ... in fact, that
file is always blank (it didn't exist until I created it anyway).

Well that's pretty strange. Check your configuration setting in sawfish-ui -> Miscellaneous -> Error Handling. A setting of "standard-error" puts things in .xsession-error for me. Alternatively the "screen" setting may work for you.

It is already set to "standard-error". Setting it to "screen" doesn't change the (lack of) behaviour. I have noticed that once in a while it displays an error to the console if I just type in garbage ... possibly when it's the first time I run it in a session. It only ever does this once, subsequent statements do not generate an error.

It does not seem to matter whether I run "sawfish-client" or
"sawfish-client -".

I don't get it. This is not my machine (uni machine), so I'm just a user on it, but it's running sawfish 1.3 and the binary is dated june 2004. The errors have to go somewhere though?! A setting that suppresses .xsession-errors maybe? I haven't ever seen one.

PS. Has anyone visited the sawfish wiki lately? I've been removing spam
from there every week or so, but new developments in sawfish seem very
rare in the past years.

Yeah I visit the wiki every so often. Havn't seen any spam.. guess you're doing too good of a job ;)

Heh, just go to
and click on "page revisions" to see what type of junk has been removed :/



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