"run shell command" called twice

I'm turning totally insane over this. I've bound M-F12 (alt-F12 on this
keyboard) to a custom perl script I wrote which toggles between us and
ca_enhanced keymaps using setxkbmap. How this is setup:


To save you a browser window, here's the actual resulting custom code:

 ((run-shell-command "toggle_keymap") . "M-F12")

The script itself:


Now my problem is: the script is ran twice!!! I tried long on hard to
figure out why, but there's no way out: the script is called twice. I've
tried switching the keybinding, still called twice. I've tried changing
the command, and then it doesn't seem to call it twice, which is really

This is totally weird, and I hope there is something I miss...

Any ideas?


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