Re: Gnome Windows List and Switcher HowTo?

On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 11:55:32AM +0200, Adam Olejniczak wrote:
> I use it on Fedora Core 2 with gnome 2/8 compiled fomr sources - and 
> Swfish from CVS

I am not sure what kind of troubles you are seeing.  I have right
now sawfish running with Fedora Core 3(test) and this is using
gnome 2.8 "native".  AFAICS sawfish runs fine with unmodified
'gnome-session' and 'gnome-panel'.  Windows list updates just fine
when I am switching workspaces in "workspace switcher".

The only thing which I did was to add in my ~/.sawfish/rc the
following code to pick up configuration changes from preferences
of that workspace switcher:

 (let* ((str (make-string-output-stream))
	(proc (make-process str)))
   (call-process proc nil "gconftool-2"
		 "-g" "/apps/metacity/general/num_workspaces")
   (let ((var (get-output-stream-string str)))
     (let ((nvar 
	     (string-looking-at "[0-9]+" var)
	     (string->number (substring var (match-start) (match-end)))))
	((numberp nvar) nvar)
	(t 4)))))) ;; if we do not know any better then make this 4

But this is hardly necessary.  You may just put there
(set-number-of-workspaces 6), for example, and adjust a number
of workspace with an editor instead of a mouse.

The old code in gnome-menu.jl is totally out of sync with the
current reality but this is hardly a show stopper and one of things
which I am telling myself "maybe one day I will have a closer look". :-)


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