Re: Gnome Windows List and Switcher HowTo?

Adam Olejniczak wrote:


I really miss the possibility to use gnome and sawfish all togeather.
I tried to get help in this matter few times but no luck so far.

The question is. How can I make Sawfish work correctly with Gnome Windows List and Switcher?
(Orther way - make those work correctly with Sawfish)

I know this topic was discussed already but I was not able to find satisfactioning answer.

Thank anyone who will help in this matter.

Do you have a specific problem? I don't use it but the windows list
applet seems to works ok with Sawfish (this is a Debian Sid with Gnome
2.6). I have tried all the commands (minimize, maximize, roll up etc.
etc.) and they do what advertised. The same is with the desktop switcher
applet, but maybe i'm not aware of some misbehaviour (or bug =)...


P.S. without doubts it works out of the box without problems thanks to
Christian Marillat, the Debian Sawfish package mantainer...

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