Re: Gnome Windows List and Switcher HowTo?

Andrea Vettorello wrote:

Adam Olejniczak wrote:

Do you have a specific problem? I don't use it but the windows list
applet seems to works ok with Sawfish (this is a Debian Sid with Gnome
2.6). I have tried all the commands (minimize, maximize, roll up etc.
etc.) and they do what advertised. The same is with the desktop switcher
applet, but maybe i'm not aware of some misbehaviour (or bug =)...


P.S. without doubts it works out of the box without problems thanks to
Christian Marillat, the Debian Sawfish package mantainer...


The exact problem is that nor Windows List nor Desktop Switcher are updated when I swith workspeces with keyboars shortcut. For example i switch to workspace nr. 2 and the swithcer still shows Im on workspace 1. Other problme with swithcer is that it is not possible to swithc sawfish workspeces using it. I can click on it but nothing happends.

With Window List problem is that when I switch workspace it does not update it self keeps showing windows form previous workspace.
Get updated after some new window is created only.

Adam Olejniczak

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