Re: Sawfish documentation patches

John Harper writes:
> x-raise-window, x-lower-window, constrain-dimension-to-hints, 
> adjust-position-for-gravity, adjust-position-for-gravity/x, 
> adjust-position-for-gravity/y, frame-state-mutex, type/saved, type/key, 
> push-window-type, pop-window-type, set-window-type, type (property), 
> check-frame-availability, find-all-frame-styles, apply-frame-style, 
> apply-frame-style-and-save, set-frame-style, frame-style-menu, 
> transform-window-workspaces, set-window-workspaces, window-workspaces, 
> place-window, acceptable-placement, grab-keymap, ungrab-keymap, 
> server-eval, sm-save-yourself, sm-connect, sm-delete-property, 
> sm-disconnect, sm-get-window-prop, sm-set-property, sm-init, 
> sm-find-file

I've removed all of these, plus a few more frame style definitions,
plus (out on a limb) the entire low-level X interface chapter.  I've
added documentation for a dozen small structures, and have made it
available as version 0.11.


Derek Upham
sand blarg net

"Ha!  Your Leaping Tiger Kung Fu is no match for my Frightened Piglet style!"

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