Re: Sawfish documentation patches

On Jan 29, 2004, at 12:23 PM, stktrc wrote:
Another Sawfish user published patches to Sawfish documentation at some time ago.  Without having
inspected them closer, they look like a good contribution.

Is there any reason for them not being picked up into official
Sawfish, considering they've been available for some time now?

I just looked at the changes. They look good. The only concern I have is that they document a number of private functions that aren't intended for general use:

a non-exhaustive list is:

x-raise-window, x-lower-window, constrain-dimension-to-hints, adjust-position-for-gravity, adjust-position-for-gravity/x, adjust-position-for-gravity/y, frame-state-mutex, type/saved, type/key, push-window-type, pop-window-type, set-window-type, type (property), check-frame-availability, find-all-frame-styles, apply-frame-style, apply-frame-style-and-save, set-frame-style, frame-style-menu, transform-window-workspaces, set-window-workspaces, window-workspaces, place-window, acceptable-placement, grab-keymap, ungrab-keymap, server-eval, sm-save-yourself, sm-connect, sm-delete-property, sm-disconnect, sm-get-window-prop, sm-set-property, sm-init, sm-find-file

Ideally, all public functions/variables would have inline documentation strings, and those are the only things that would show up in the official manual. It's great that private functions are documented as well, but the manual in the distribution can't do that,


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