Re: Possible to configure maximize window by double-clicking ontitlebar?

> I'm quoting all, cause you replyed off-list, and here you'll find for
> sure more expert people. =)
> I'm running a Debian Sid (unstable) and the sawfish-ui that came with
> the sawfish package (Version: 1:1.3+cvs20040617-4) has this option under
> Bindings => Context: Title.
> I'm not an expert about the sawfish internal, i think the "Off2" means
> the second release of the button, but i should check.

Hi Andrea,

Sorry about the off-list email.  It wasn't intentional :).

Anyway, thanks for the hint about the Bindings->Context: Title!!

That worked, and actually, I have "Button1-Click2" and that seems to do
the job, so I'm still not sure about what the "Off2" means.

Thanks again!!


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