Re: Possible to configure maximize window by double-clicking on title bar?

ohaya wrote:


I'm running RH Linux 7.3 with Gnome and Sawfish.  The default
configuration seems to be such that double-clicking on the title bar of
a window will cause the window to "roll up".

Is it possible to change this behavior such that double-clicking on the
window title bar would cause the window to toggle between maximize and
normal/original size?

I've tried creating a .sawfishrc file in my user directory, but it
doesn't seem to do anything.

What I have is:

(require 'sawmill-defaults)
(bind-keys title-keymap "Button1-Click" 'window-maximize-toggle)

But, even after rebooting, my windows still behave the same.

Does anyone know how to do this?
Don't know about the sawfish version in your redhat (sawmill, seems old), but you should be able to configure it with the sawfish-ui. Anyway, on my configuration i've this line:

(custom-set-keymap (quote title-keymap) (quote (keymap (move-window-interactively . "Button1-Move") (toggle-window-shaded . "Button1-Off2") (resize-window-interactively . "Button2-Move") (raise-lower-window . "Button3-Off"))))

so here, i should change (toggle-window-shaded . "Button1-Off2") in (maximize-window-toggle . "Button1-Off2").

Hope this helps,


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