Re: Windows spanning workspaces

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, GSR - FR wrote:

> General search engines know better.

Geneally I agree, but my searches yesterday were fruitless.

> Just use viewports? Or maybe play with the copy operations, they show

That was option 1, but in rebuilding after a hard drive crash I was trying
to do things the 'right way'.  What my Googling had found was that
"workspaces" was really takeing over for what was Workspaces / Viewports
before, and that is was possible to do so with list in Sawfish -- but no
specifics of anyone who had actually done it.

I like viewports, but the Gnome deskguide doesn't support them. The
deskguides that DO support them, don't dock. Rather than fight it I was
looking to see how it was possible in the Official Approved Gnome 2 way.


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