Re: Windows spanning workspaces

chris westnet com (2004-01-20 at 1340.58 -0500):
> > Just use viewports? Or maybe play with the copy operations, they show
> That was option 1, but in rebuilding after a hard drive crash I was trying
> to do things the 'right way'.  What my Googling had found was that
> "workspaces" was really takeing over for what was Workspaces / Viewports
> before, and that is was possible to do so with list in Sawfish -- but no
> specifics of anyone who had actually done it.

Yeah, I think the people that wanted them just went with viewports, no
matter what others say about right or wrong. Some people get tired of
others telling them over and over that what they do is wrong, not
matter if what they do works for them. I guess you have found a lot of
those talks.

> I like viewports, but the Gnome deskguide doesn't support them. The

There is some activity about such issues like

> deskguides that DO support them, don't dock. Rather than fight it I was
> looking to see how it was possible in the Official Approved Gnome 2 way.
> :-)

Use Metacity. :] Sorry, I could not resist, the mood of that phrase
was too inviting. Seriously, dunno if the Gnome pager will play nice
(currently) with what you want, tried doing what I said about copy and
different positions?


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