Re: unofficial version 1.4 (url change) -- problem with (too fast) auto-repeat

mmc maruska dyndns org (2004-12-06 at 1450.50 +0100):
> So, the easiest fix is to comment the 4 occurences of
>     (set-repeat-rate repeat-delay SOMETHING)
>  in 
> /usr/share/sawfish/1.4/lisp/sawfish/wm/commands/x-cycle.jl
> and re-evaluate the file. I personally would open in emacs/sawfish-mode, and C-x
> C-e after the last closing ")".
> And you'll have to reset the autorepeat (AR) to your liking:
> This is my default values:  wait 190 miliseconds before the 1st repeat, and then
>  40 miliseconds for others:
> $ xset r rate  190 40

I always read that as wait 190 ms, and then repeat 40 times per
sec. Which reminds me: has the stuck key problem been solved? Some
time ago, maybe a couple of years, we talked about it and since then I
have been using a slower setting than I liked, to avoid repeats. IIRC,
it got worse with heavy loads (multiple terminal appearsing from a key
combo, for example).


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