Re: unofficial version 1.4 (url change) -- problem with (too fast) auto-repeat

> - it looks like that sometimes key events are doubled. Typing this mail
>    without double letters or whitespaces is quite hard.

my fault indeed:

I re-program the key-repeat rate/delay in x-cycle. It was just an exercise, and
i left the code it, even if i have never used that feature, probably.  On exit
(from cycling) I _restore_ _my_ default values, which are too "fast", and the
undesired autoreat occurs for you.

So, the easiest fix is to comment the 4 occurences of
    (set-repeat-rate repeat-delay SOMETHING)


and re-evaluate the file. I personally would open in emacs/sawfish-mode, and C-x
C-e after the last closing ")".

And you'll have to reset the autorepeat (AR) to your liking:

This is my default values:  wait 190 miliseconds before the 1st repeat, and then
 40 miliseconds for others:

$ xset r rate  190 40

PS: The experiment in x-cycle was meant to have the AR about 1 per second, and
thus be able to keep the keys down, and see the windows cycle at a reasonable

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