unofficial version 1.4 (was Re: Fedora Core 3)

Olaf Frączyk <olaf cbk poznan pl> writes:

> BTW. Is the sawfish developement dead or there is something slowly happenning?

I'm working on my tree. You can download the sources from

Gentoo ebuild at 

A very brief (and possibly incomplete) description:

* there are several bug-fixes about focus handling.
  Windows, the lisp structures, exist until the destroy-window event arrives,
  so closing several windows 'contemporarily' is managed in a "deterministic" way
  (i.e. the selection of new window to focus to is always the same, independent
  of context switches...).

* Improvement on re-stacking, used by x-cycle.  I've written about it already to
  this ML (I have improved/cleaned the patch a lot, since then).

* A precise management of keyboard focus: there are tools, and some application
  thereof, to process each event as necessary, and avoid consuming those meant
  for applications.

* Some .jl files are built by default:  iswitch-window.jl, wid.jl  which serve
  as a demo for the precise keyboard focus.

* Recently i tried to prepare it for distribution, and so i made rich default
  keybindings. All using Hyper modifier. I don't like W- modifier.
* Many .jl files (all which i have hacked on) use my rep.mmsystem (included), to
  allow re-evaluating the lisp code w/o having hooks doubled.

* There's a module to run various xterm application, run ssh/xterm as different
  user @ different host, and invoke it w/ single keys.

* Some improvements to prompt: i like switching workspaces by name, C-g aborts
  current command.
  Many improvements to iswitch-window.jl,  x-cycle.jl (you can use
  global/ws-local intermittently, and there's a command to go the next window,
  but on a 'next workspace'.
* support for XKB (thus, more than 2 groups). 

* Viewports are handled separately for each workspace.

* The C code (and the lisp too) produces colored trace message. The verbosity is

There are several bugs i know of:

* Sometimes the frame windows are unmapped. This most likely happens with the
  official 1.3 version.  My current workaround is to direct iswitch-window at
  that window, switch workspace away and back, and the window re-appears.
  I'm searching for a way how to track it.

* hide/show-desktop is broken. and I don't care about it. This is due to the
  fact, that all my development was done starting with the 1.2 version, and
  only very recently i attempted to include & use 1.3 new features.

Why have i not submitted just a series of patches: that would mean removing all
the tracing code (i suspect), which i am not interested in.

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