Re: unofficial version 1.4 (url change)


Michal Maruška said the following on 12/04/2004 01:33 AM:
John Harper <jsh unfactored org> writes:

please don't call it sawfish-1.4. That will only cause confusion. (e.g. add a


As I'm really interested that the development of sawfish is going on, I've installed this version for a short test and ran into some problems/bugs.

- Trying to move a window by using Button1-Move on the titlebar
  produces the following error:

  *** Bad argument: #<subr +>, (), 1

- same problem with resizing the window
  focusing the window by clicking the titlebar works

- it looks like that sometimes key events are doubled. Typing this mail
  without double letters or whitespaces is quite hard.

I know that is not much, but I need to get back to work.


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