Re: Sawfish and Fedora Core 1

GSR - FR wrote:
: kas informatics muni cz (2003-11-13 at 1602.26 +0100):
: > 	there are two problems I am aware of with sawfish on
: > Fedora Core 1 distribution. The first can be fixed with a patch
: > described at
: I read:
: +             ;; Swap layout again because of libwnck bug 
: +             (swap cols rows)                       
: +
: then why patch Sawfish? If you know the bug is in libwnck, I wonder
: why add such hack to Sawfish (except avoiding the proper fix... so
: later the one implementing the workarround will be blamed as buggy
: when the real bug is fixed). Please make 100% sure which app is
: misbehaving, so the patch is done somewhere else or your has the
: correct comment.

	Err, I don't know whether it is a bug in libwnck. I've just
diffed the old (working) workspace-grid.jl from my (patched) RH9 system
with the FC1 one, and found this patchlet. Applying this fixes the
problem for me. I did not write the patch nor the comment above.
I have no idea what libwnck is :-)

: > 	The other bug is somewhere between the Gnome workspace switcher
: > and sawfish (and does not appear in Metacity, so I tend to think that it
: > is a sawfish bug). Please look at the description at the bug description
: > at
: That is a known bug in the pager, it works with workspaces, but sends
: signals about viewports too, Sawfish just does what it is commanded to
: do. See for a fix of
: the problem (gives viewport size increments, not as in FVWM2 for
: example, but better lacking a mode than having a problem).
	OK, thanks, I'll look at it.


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