RH9 and transients

Hey guys, sorry if this has been touched on already I am a new list
member. I briefly thumbed through bugzilla and did not find any mention
of this problem. I am running sawfish on RH9 and none of my transient
windows show up with a window frame.

Any one else seen this is there a fix? There is a good possibility it
has to do with what is in my config or not in my config. I'll copy it
below. Let me know if you rather have an attachemnt.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

;; sawfish user customization -- do not edit by hand!
;; sawfish version 1.3, written Tue Oct 14 09:40:24 2003
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote cycle-all-viewports) (quote ()) (quote
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote cycle-all-workspaces) (quote ())
(quote boolean))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote window-history-auto-save-state) (quote
t) (quote boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.window-history))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote window-history-ignore-transients)
(quote t) (quote boolean))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote tooltips-enabled) (quote ()) (quote
boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.tooltips))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote audio-events-enabled) (quote t) (quote
boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.audio-events))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote edge-flip-only-when-moving) (quote ())
(quote boolean))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote workspace-names) (quote ("1" "2" "3"
"4" "5" "6" "7" "8" "9" "10" "11" "12")) (quote (list string "Workspace
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote default-frame-style) (quote Friday)
(quote frame-style))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote transients-above) (quote none) (quote
(choice all parents none)))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote place-window-mode) (quote first-fit)
(quote symbol))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote resize-show-dimensions) (quote t)
(quote boolean))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote window-history-auto-save-dimensions)
(quote t) (quote boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.window-history))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote error-handler-beep) (quote ()) (quote
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote tooltips-show-doc-strings) (quote t)
(quote boolean))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote unshade-selected-windows) (quote ())
(quote boolean))
(custom-set-keymap (quote window-keymap) (quote (keymap (move-window-
interactively . "W-Button1-Move") (popup-window-menu . "W-Button2-
Click") (raise-lower-window . "W-Button3-Click") (lower-window . "W-
Down") (raise-window . "W-Up"))))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote focus-click-through) (quote t) (quote
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote wm-modifier-value) (quote (alt))
(quote modifier-list))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote edge-flip-type) (quote workspace)
(quote (choice viewport workspace)))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote Friday:show-menu-icons) (quote t)
(quote boolean))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote window-history-auto-save-position)
(quote t) (quote boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.window-history))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote raise-windows-on-focus) (quote ())
(quote boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.auto-raise))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote focus-mode) (quote enter-exit) (quote
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote shade-hover-mode) (quote t) (quote
boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.shade-hover))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote move-show-position) (quote t) (quote
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote shade-hover-raise) (quote t) (quote
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote gnome-use-capplet) (quote ()) (quote
boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.gnome.integration))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote move-lock-when-maximized) (quote ())
(quote boolean))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote shade-hover-delay) (quote 0) (quote
(number 0 5000)))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote edge-flip-enabled) (quote t) (quote
boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.edge-flip))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote raise-window-timeout) (quote 0) (quote
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote focus-windows-when-mapped) (quote ())
(quote boolean))
(custom-set-keymap (quote global-keymap) (quote (keymap ((set-viewport-
linear 0) . "M-F1") ((set-viewport-linear 2) . "M-F3") ((set-viewport-
linear 3) . "M-F4") (call-command-with-output-to-screen . "M-C-x")
((set-viewport-linear 1) . "M-F2") (cycle-windows . "M-TAB") (next-
workspace . "C-Right") (previous-workspace . "C-Left"))))
(custom-set-keymap (quote title-keymap) (quote (keymap (raise-window-
and-pass-through-click . "Button1-Click1") (move-window-interactively .
"Button1-Move") (toggle-window-shaded . "Button1-Click2") (resize-
window-interactively . "Button2-Move") (popup-window-menu . "Button3-
(custom-set-font (quote default-font) (quote "-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-
(custom-set-keymap (quote border-keymap) (quote (keymap (raise-window .
"Button1-Off") (resize-window-interactively . "Button1-Move") (move-
window-interactively . "Button2-Move") (raise-lower-window . "Button3-

Tom <tom tlcprogramming com>

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