Re: Sawfish and Fedora Core 1

kas informatics muni cz (2003-11-13 at 1602.26 +0100):
> 	there are two problems I am aware of with sawfish on
> Fedora Core 1 distribution. The first can be fixed with a patch
> described at

I read:

+             ;; Swap layout again because of libwnck bug 
+             (swap cols rows)                       

then why patch Sawfish? If you know the bug is in libwnck, I wonder
why add such hack to Sawfish (except avoiding the proper fix... so
later the one implementing the workarround will be blamed as buggy
when the real bug is fixed). Please make 100% sure which app is
misbehaving, so the patch is done somewhere else or your has the
correct comment.

> 	The other bug is somewhere between the Gnome workspace switcher
> and sawfish (and does not appear in Metacity, so I tend to think that it
> is a sawfish bug). Please look at the description at the bug description
> at

That is a known bug in the pager, it works with workspaces, but sends
signals about viewports too, Sawfish just does what it is commanded to
do. See for a fix of
the problem (gives viewport size increments, not as in FVWM2 for
example, but better lacking a mode than having a problem).


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