Re: [sabayon] Misc questions

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 03:51:20PM -0500, Warren Togami wrote:
> Miscellaneous questions about sabayon.  Will file bugs after

> 1. BUG?
>    Lockdown settings dialog
>    Panel
>    Disabled applets
>    Clicking checkboxes here appears to do nothing.

OK, that's a Pessulus issue, or an issue with the way Sabayon's pulling in
Pessulus.  I'll have a look at this.  I'll enter a bug on it, or you can,
dealer's choice :)

> 2. BUG?
>    Edit profile
>    Xephyr runs
>    Hit Alt-F2 then Esc
>    Clicking stuff fails, and button presses behave strangely.
>    BUG: Alt button is stuck down until you hit Alt.

Hmmm, doesn't seem to do it here on mine.  Maybe something odd with the way
we're capturing keypresses?  Federico: You were the wizard who fixed that stuff
with Xephyr.  Any thoughts?

> 3. File '.gnome2' created
>    Wouldn't this be better to differentiate the message and say
> Direcctory instead of File?

Agreed.  I'll fix that.

> 4. After you have saved GConf keys, where can you browse the saved
> GConf keys in order to edit or delete them from the profile?
>    The "Details" button in the Profile Editor shows only files and
> directories.

Top two items should be "Mandatory GConf Settings" and "Default GConf Settings"
in the details pane.  Double clicking them should bring up a gconf viewer.

> 5. In "Changes" it would be nice if clicking on Ignore or Lock will
> toggle enabling or disabling all items.  Quite often I want to
> ignore all files except two, but currently in order to do so I need
> to manually click each box on all files.

Agreed.  I'm thinking we just need to trap a signal somewhere, and then toggle
all the bits.  I'll enter it as a bug tonight, so we can track it.

> 6. Does sabayon track file/directory permissions yet?  It seems not.

No, it doesn't.  On my todo list.  I'm officially considering:

To be the tracker for that bug, since I've fixed symlinks in that bug.  Storing
owner, group, and mode requires a similar fix.

Thanks for identifying these!


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