[sabayon] Misc questions

Miscellaneous questions about sabayon.  Will file bugs after

1. BUG?
   Lockdown settings dialog
   Disabled applets
   Clicking checkboxes here appears to do nothing.

2. BUG?
   Edit profile
   Xephyr runs
   Hit Alt-F2 then Esc
   Clicking stuff fails, and button presses behave strangely.
   BUG: Alt button is stuck down until you hit Alt.

3. File '.gnome2' created
Wouldn't this be better to differentiate the message and say Direcctory instead of File?

4. After you have saved GConf keys, where can you browse the saved GConf keys in order to edit or delete them from the profile? The "Details" button in the Profile Editor shows only files and directories.

5. In "Changes" it would be nice if clicking on Ignore or Lock will toggle enabling or disabling all items. Quite often I want to ignore all files except two, but currently in order to do so I need to manually click each box on all files.

6. Does sabayon track file/directory permissions yet?  It seems not.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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