Re: Live streaming from PulseAudio in Ubuntu 12.04

On Mo, 2012-07-09 at 22:15 +0100, Gavin Hamill wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to listen to the output from my laptop's sound card via a
> DLNA client, without success.


> Using my Android 2.3.3 phone as a test client I can see this in the
> 'Connected Media' part of the default 'Music' app:
> "Audio on gdh-x60s" 
>   -> Output Devices 
>      -> "Built-in Audio Analogue Stereo"
> but when I select that, Android says "unable to play this type of audio
> file" and the console from which I ran the 'rygel' command says:
> (rygel:21837): Rygel-CRITICAL **: Error from pipeline
> RygelHTTPGstResponse: gstsouphttpsrc.c(924):
> gst_soup_http_src_finished_cb
> (): /GstPipeline:RygelHTTPGstResponse/GstBin:transcoder-source/GstSoupHTTPSrc:souphttpsrc1:
> libsoup status code 4

Did you load module module-http-protocol-tcp as well as
module-rygel-media-server in pulseaudio? This error and the 0 bytes
indicate that the actual stream source is missing.

Also, in Ubuntu, the monitor sources tend to be muted by default, you
need to unmute it using pacmd set-source-mute (That's for later if you
get a stream but no audio output).

> Is my logic flawed? Should this not 'Just Work' ?

It should "just work" when module-http-protocol-tcp is loaded.
Unfortunately module-rygel-media-server does not do this automatically.

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