Re: date field

O Sáb, 21-03-2009 ás 16:14 +0200, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) escribiu:
> 2009/3/20 Henrique Ferreiro García <henrique ferreiro gmail com>:
> > Hello,
>   Hi!
> > I think the date field is wrong as of now (DC:Date) and should be
> > File:Modified or File.Accessed.
>   Although I want to but I don't agree after reading the description
> of this field in the spec: "The dc:date property contains the primary
> date of the content." What we can do is to (mis)use the
> "File:Modified" or "File:Accessed" (whichever is provided) if
> "dc:date" is not provided for the content.

Maybe I misunderstood things. I didn't found its description in tracker
services so I thought you got it wrong. Now I found it in
default.metadata. The reason I looked into that is that, for me, none of
my video files had a date available. When I changed that field, it
started working, so I thought it was your fault.

>    Regarding your other patches, sorry I had been way too busy with
> transcoding stuff lately, I'll try to commit them in the beginning of
> next week at the latest. BTW, transcoding stuff is now in svn trunk.

By the way, in the svn's 717 revision you require libsoup >= 2.26.0 but
the has LIBSOUP_REQUIRED=2.16.0. I think this may be the
reason why I don't get any file to play. I added debug statements
everywhere and found that the server is only sending two chunks of 4kB
of data and then stops. It happens with the PS3 and gupnp-av-cp and

I'll try to upgrade libsoup and see if it works.

Thank you for this excellent piece of software!

Henrique Ferreiro García <henrique ferreiro gmail com>

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