Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Snappier navigation

On 08/01/20 23:01, Jonathan Matthew wrote:
Does this person make use of a screen reader, or some other accessibility
technology?  These have pretty significant performance impacts for
applications that use large tables.


On my six year old laptop, rhythmbox takes about two seconds to start
with a similarly sized library, and there's no appreciable delay in switching
between playlists.

Interesting. So it's not Rhythmbox's fault. The thing is, I've seen it
run equally slow on another machine. At the time I blamed that machine's
low specs, but the current machine should be up to the job.

I'll check if --debug can tell me anything new.

This person has all audio files pretty much lumped in ~/Music, with
hardly any subfolders. Could that affect performance?

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