[Rhythmbox-devel] A way to adjust Rhythmbox's media caching?

I'd like RB to play audio (mainly FLAC files) without silence in the middle of a track while it fetches more data to play. Sometimes I play media from a device connected via USB3, sometimes over a local gigabit network connection.

Is there a way to get RB to cache more data before it begins playing?

Is there a way to get RB to have a higher low-water mark before it tries to fetch more audio data?

If so, how would one accomplish either or both of these things?

I don't mind using more RAM to accomplish this, even if it means doubling or tripling the amount of cache, or setting the point where RB figures it is time to get more data to a higher value. I'd prefer to eliminate any possibility that RB runs out of cached data to play.


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