Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Third party plugin page locked?

If not, I've written a plugin to cache playback to a local file for importing into other places. The format is in the same tab separated format that used. Right now i use it in conjunction with my ampache scripts to keep rhythmbox synced with the ratings/data from my ampache server instead of relying on for tracking.
Interesting idea. Is the format widely supported for this sort of thing?

I don't think there has ever been a standard of sorts, but i've taken data out of to import into and a few other places before.

Lastscrape was also really useful and i think you can still get manual exports from directly but that may have changed.

Because has been around for a long time and the way data is presented hasn't changed it just seems like the best way to process things elsewhere. Familiarity and age more than anything else.

The files I get from are based on just giving you the song information per line:

For Play History
EpochDateOfPlay Title Artist Album MBIDTitle MBIDArtist MBIDAlbum

For Loved Tracks
EpochDateWhenLoved Title Artist Album MBIDTitle MBIDArtist MBIDAlbum

At least with Rhythmbox and ampache we can use file path as well which is a good fallback.
In the future i want to extend cache-fm to support sending directly to other sources as well as caching locally.

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