[Rhythmbox-devel] Playlist management/syncing

Rhythmbox as well as most other music players/libraries has its own made-up playlist storage format . That means No portability , and no simple synchronization solutions .That's why I'm trying to use JuK right now - it's the only linux music player that keeps the playlists on the disk (but it's kind of unmaintained, so prospects there are limited). So I have a proposal and I'm willing to start coding for it , but I have to know the idea is accepted first . So far my impression is that GNOME devs have no interest in 'people' , at least on the mailing lists . So a side question is - where do development discussions actually happen ? With that thought in mind please take a position on the topic . Here's the idea :

Playlists would get picked up automatically from the music library (indexed as entries in the db) . On startup they get loaded in the playlists pane , and on modifications they get instantly saved . Automated playlists are not affected by that arrangement (they can remain in the xml they are in now).

Pros to the current situation:
+ easy synchronization between computers using any sync solution
+ persistence of playlists on full wipe/reinstall of rhythmbox

I can't think of any cons .


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