Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Playlist management/syncing

On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 3:49 AM, Petko Ditchev <pditchev gmail com> wrote:
 Rhythmbox as well as most other music players/libraries has its own made-up
playlist storage format . That means No portability , and no simple
synchronization solutions .That's why I'm trying to use JuK right now - it's
the only linux music player that keeps the playlists on the disk (but it's
kind of unmaintained, so prospects there are limited).
 So I have a proposal and I'm willing to start coding for it , but I have to
know the idea is accepted first . So far my impression is that GNOME devs
have no interest in 'people', at least on the mailing lists .

Hi, nice to meet you too.

 So a side question is - where do development discussions actually happen ?

Here, on irc, or in bugzilla.

With that
thought in mind please take a position on the topic . Here's the idea :

Playlists would get picked up automatically from the music library (indexed
as entries in the db) . On startup they get loaded in the playlists pane ,
and on modifications they get instantly saved . Automated playlists are not
affected by that arrangement (they can remain in the xml they are in now).

Pros to the current situation:
+ easy synchronization between computers using any sync solution
+ persistence of playlists on full wipe/reinstall of rhythmbox

You can achieve both of these pretty easily as things stand, but this
is still an interesting idea. Instead of adding them to the database,
I'd rather have the playlists.xml file refer to the external playlist

Are you proposing that this would be how all non-automatic playlists
would be stored? How would you decide where a given playlist file

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