Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Discussion as to whether community based external plugins could/should be in the official source-tree

You may also be forgetting non-python plugins, which can also be built in-tree.

My plugin rbpitch is written in Vala:

I just need to tune it up a bit to work with Rhythmbox 3.x, and then if your project to get in-tree community plugins accepted goes according to plan, I'd like to submit rbpitch for inclusion as well.

Just FYI, in the past, I have asked about having community plugins included in rhythmbox tree, and the reply was basically that if the plugin won't be useful to the vast majority of users, it was suggested that the plugin remain out-of-tree. The suggestion at the time was for the community to start a third party repository containing an amalgam of decent quality, license-compatible community plugins, and work as a group to get that pulled into distros, and maybe even get it repo space on if possible, and make tarball releases for download when there are enough changes accumulated to release. These steps would make the integration relatively painless for distros that already pull other gnome packages.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the maintainership (which does not, by any means, consist of yours truly, by the way) might change their minds, as it's been several years since that discussion took place. So this is not intended to discourage you from your mission of getting these plugins into rhythmbox's own source tree. I'm just saying that the alternative doesn't sound all that bad either.



On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 5:51 PM, David Mohammed <davidmohammed gmail com> wrote:
Hi all,

  There are a number of GPL 2 & 3 based plugins that have been converted to python3 and thus can & do run in the latest version of RB (below).

Would Jonathan and the other rhythmbox developers consider it appropriate to introduce into the source-tree a community section where external developers could submit their pride-and-joy?

This would allow these plugins to be actively pulled into the downstream distro's such as Arch/Fedora/Debian etc. and thus see a much larger audience than currently.

Obviously, there will need to be some-sort of oversight and yes I would acknowledge that this would place a small extra burden on the current maintainers.

I'm not proposing though that these community plugins are to be maintained by the current maintainers - they obviously would have final veto and could & should drop plugins that fail to be maintained by the community.

Anyway - any thoughts/pitfalls?



These are the current list of python3 based plugins that I'm aware of (if there are others, shout!):



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