Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] gmenu, plugins and you

On Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 7:44 AM, David Mohammed <davidmohammed gmail com> wrote:

  whilst I fully appreciate that stuff needs to keep advancing, removing the
link between the shell, ui-manager, actiongroups etc is quite fundamental to
many external devs plugins - at least that is what I can see when I managed
to compile RB today.

An early heads up on such a fundamental change here via the mailing list
would have been appreciated.  Watching & understanding the implications of
commits on such a vast project as rhythmbox is quite an undertaking for any
external dev.

I'm not sure about that. Have you tried it?

At present there have been around 153 commits in the six months since
2.98 that aren't translation updates. 150 commits in six months is
less than one per day. Most of them pretty obviously have no impact on
plugins, since they're contained within plugins or within parts of
rhythmbox that aren't really exposed to plugins. If you had any
questions about any of them, I could answer them relatively quickly.

Please, please, please throw up a mailing list thread when you are
considering/have decided fundamental changes to the API - at least we have
an early sight and can advise you on the extent of any impacts as well as
factoring in design changes to our own developments.

What information do you want that isn't already available in the git
repository? There's plenty of time for feedback and revision once a
big change has been pushed to the public git repo. I generally don't
do releases immediately afterwards because I like to give the bugs a
chance to make themselves known before I start shipping them. If this
is something you care about, you can help too.

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