[Rhythmbox-devel] User Interface proposals

Hello Rhythmboxers,

I just switched to RB 2.95 and love it, but I was disappointed to see the UI remained largely unchanged since 0.x. Then, one line of the NEWS file intrigued me: "First steps in redesigning some parts of the UI that sorely need it".

Which made me think that now could be a good moment to make a few UI proposals, since there seem to be some momentum. I summed up these proposals in a wiki page:

I guess some of these proposals were already discussed, and maybe a few of them have entries in Bugzilla. That's OK, feel free to edit the page (or point me here to the discussion / results of the discussion and I'll update it). Of course, if you have other ideas about the interface, just add them to the wiki page. Once I have some feedback here I'll file the bugs considered relevant into Bugzilla.

Finally, as mentioned in the page, I'm trying to implement a few of my proposals, but am still very new to both C and the Rhythmbox codebase, so please consider this as a humble proposal without any commitment to future patches. While my proposals are not working patches, I hope they can help to bring Rhythmbox forward :)

Thanks for your attention, and thanks for already making 2.9 rock!
Good day.

Ronan Jouchet

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