[Rhythmbox-devel] Need Printable Play List In A Text File


I am in the process of trying to move off of my Windows-based itunes system to Rhythmbox but there's one last thing I can't do.

I have a weekly radio show and I publish my weekly play list to the web. It's published on a wordpress blog. But I don't need anything complicated like a "publish to wordpress" plugin for rhythm box. All I need is a way to generate a simple text version of a rhythmbox play list to a plain text file or the system clipboad.

On itunes I select a play list then select all tracks in the play list, right clisk and press copy. That copies it to the system clipboard which I can then paste into a text file for further editing.

It doesn't have to work exactly like that in Rhythmbox I just need to generate something looks vaguely like this:

Cheap Cigar / Maynard and the Musties / Cheap Cigar / 4:00
Sorry Times / Trailer Bride / Trailer Bride / 3:12
When My Love Comes Down / Ruby Johnson / Stax 1959-1968 #6 / 2:48
How Does A Crow Fly / Lincoln Durham / The Shovel Vs. The Howling Bones / 2:36
I Don’t Want To Take A Chance / Mary Wells / The Ultimate collection / 2:48
Nothing / The Far West / The Far West / 2:38
Runnin’ With The Fools / Two Dollar Pistols / Hands Up! / 3:08
How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart? / Norah Jones / The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams / 3:32
Blue Eyes / Uncle Tupelo / Conmemorativo | A Tribute To Gram Parsons / 2:59
Say It / Steve Cropper & Bettye LaVette / Dedicated – A Salute To The 5 Royales / 2:25
The Prisoner / Mike June & The Wilson Street Refugees / Exile On Wilson Street / 3:33
Somethin’ in the Water / Westbound / Blackjack Road / 2:48
For All I Know / James McMurtry / It Had To Happen / 3:58
Willie And Laura Mae Jones / Tony Joe White / The Best Of Tony Joe White (Featuring Polk Salad Annie) / 4:57
Dirtfloorcracker / Mofro / Lochloosa / 3:37
The Dirty Boogie / The Brian Setzer Orchestra / The Dirty Boogie / 3:14

In this case the columns displayed in the itunes play list are title, artist, album, and time.  Itunes actually uses a tab for the field separatpor which I go in and replace with a " / " to generate the list I publish online.

But like I said, it doesn't have to work exactly like iTunes, I just need to be able to generate a text version of the play list which I can capture in a simple text file.

I did a quick scan of plugins but didn't see any that jumped out at me as doing anything remotely close to this.

Any suggestions?


Calvin Powers

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