[Rhythmbox-devel] Good Morning

Good Morning Rythmbox-team :)
My name is Feowulf and I am DJ of the Radio "UnArt" from Germany,
because I like Debian and Gnome it is only normal to find y. 
I like you to ask if it is possible to add oure Radio-Station to youre
standart list of available Internet-Radio-Stations for free.
If yes it would be great and I add the Details below.
Station Titel: Radio UnArt - den Artig ist anders!

Station Website: www.unart.tv
Station Adress: http://www.unart.tv/files/tunein/dsl.m3u
Data Rate: 128 kb/s 
Genre: EBM-Industrial-Electro-Alternative-Darkwave-Synthpop-New
If only theres only one Genre descripton possible: Gothic

Youre sincelery,

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