Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] converting python plugins to work with git

Thanks, I've been scouring the code changes in git to see what's been
happening and i'll have a look at everything when i get home from work

> No. ~/.gnome2/ has been deprecated for a few years now, the correct
> location is ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/.

That's good to know, i have had my RB plugins in ./.gnome2 since i
started using debian. I was wondering why every other application was
using ./.local instead (was reading the gedit3 writing guide)

> We've switched from the old cut-and-paste plugin system to using
> libpeas. The plugin descriptor file extension has changed (from
> .rb-plugin to just .plugin) and the base class for plugins is now
> Peas. Activatable rather than RB.Plugin, though that may change again.
> Here's a reasonable example of the changes required:

Double thanks for this, that's been one thing i've been pulling my
hair out over.

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