[Rhythmbox-devel] Plugin Development - Reading 'playlist-urls' from shell player

Hello All,

i am trying to write a plugin for rhythmbox and I'm learning many things new.
But I'm stuck at one point where I need to read the 'playlist-urls' from shell player object.

'Playlist-urls' contain the urls which would be used to play a radio stream as mentioned in the description for shell player.I thought accessing it would go like this:


but it won't work since 'playlist-urls' is not included in the list of values which can be accessed using get_property function.Properties like  'Queue-only', 'queue-source' etc are accessible.

I understand 'playlist-urls' is an important property of shell player and it also appears in the debug output whenever you play a stream ( rhythmbox -D 'playlist_entry_cb') so I'm guessing there is some other way to acess it which I'm missing.

Thanking you for your time and help


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