Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New features for Gnome 3

I have build the latest Gnome-Shell, but I have problem to run it.

I think it's because the version of GTK3 in Fedora is no the latest. 

Le samedi 08 janvier 2011 à 18:36 +1000, Jonathan Matthew a écrit :
> On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 3:04 AM, Gendre Sebastien <korbe romandie com> wrote:
> > Le vendredi 07 janvier 2011 à 07:26 +1000, Jonathan Matthew a écrit :
> >>
> >> At this stage we'll be lucky if we can get everything working by the
> >> GNOME 3 release date, so the only ideas that would really help right
> >> now are those that reduce the amount of work that needs to be done and
> >> those that come with patches attached.
> >
> > If you needs help to be ready for Gnome 3, I can help.
> >
> > Just say what part need help and I turn my personal project to pause.
> Most of the GNOME 3 work is currently in the increasingly inaccurately
> named gobject-introspection branch in git:
> -
> if you want to work on this, the first thing you need to do is to get
> a working development environment. Building GNOME Shell using jhbuild
> gets you most of the way there. Building pygobject and possibly
> totem-pl-parser from git is probably all you need to do from there.
> The Python plugins (most notably the lyrics, cover art, magnatune and
> jamendo plugins) need to be converted to use PyGI introspected
> bindings instead of the static rhythmbox bindings and pygtk. Working
> on this will probably involve identifying bugs and missing features in
> gobject-introspection and pygobject and working to get them fixed.
> GTK 3.0 uses different methods for widget size allocation, but so far
> I haven't really investigated how we should be using them, so some
> things probably don't quite look right. There may be other problems
> with the GTK 3.0 code.
> Other less vital tasks include reworking existing dbus code to use
> gdbus instead of dbus-glib, reworking existing gconf code to use
> gsettings, and looking into using libpeas instead of the existing
> plugin system. There's probably other stuff I'm forgetting. I've made
> a start on some of these, but any code that exists is only stored on
> my laptop.
> If you want to talk about this more, drop by the #rhythmbox IRC
> channel on
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