Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Request for comment: IPv6 DAAP

As usually in Gnome, it would be better to make it just work without a configuration option (for normal users, such an option would be meaningless). 

I would be worried to use IPv6 only when it's actually not configured correctly, but is available (I believe Ubuntu does this by default). However, since DAAP is a local protocol, even if IPv6 is not configured for internet connectivity, it might still work for local connections. The biggest problem I think is actually finding out if IPv6 is correctly configured or not.

How hard is it to support both IPv4 and IPv6? If we can easily detect duplicate clients avaliable in both networks, then we could support both.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 16:46, W. Michael Petullo <mike flyn org> wrote:
GNOME Bugzilla ticket #402477 points out that Rhythmbox does not support
DAAP over IPv6. In fact, libdmapsharing does not quite work with IPv6
yet. I would like to fix this.

The largest change requires that Rhythmbox listen on an IPv6
address. There is a patch at the bug referenced above that implements
the following logic:

1. Try to listen on IPv6

2. If that fails, try to listen on IPv4

So, IPv6 will be used if available and IPv4 will only be used if IPv6
fails. I don't think I like this technique. What should Rhythmbox
do? Should there be a "use IPv6" checkbox in the DAAP plugin

I hope that we can come to a consensus on how this should work. If
we do, I will extend libdmapsharing and modify the Rhythmbox plugin
as necessary.


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