[Rhythmbox-devel] Cannot get daap plugin to work


Using rhythmbox-0.13.1 and libdmapsharing-2.1.3. I cannot get the daap plugin to work

(rhythmbox:12053): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Unable to start mDNS browsing: MDNS service is not running
(15:05:40) [0x99d9ef0] [rb_plugin_find_file] rb-plugin.c:329: found '/usr/local/lib/rhythmbox/plugins/daap/daap-ui.xml' when searching for file 'daap-ui.xml' for plugin 'daap'

Note that the avahi mDNS service is running

$ sudo avahi-daemon --debug
Found user 'tc' (UID 1001) and group 'staff' (GID 50).
Successfully dropped root privileges.
avahi-daemon 0.6.27 starting up.
Loading service file /usr/local/etc/avahi/services/sftp-ssh.service.
Loading service file /usr/local/etc/avahi/services/ssh.service.
Joining mDNS multicast group on interface wlan0.IPv4 with address
New relevant interface wlan0.IPv4 for mDNS.
Network interface enumeration completed.
Registering new address record for on wlan0.IPv4.
Registering HINFO record with values 'I686'/'LINUX'.
Server startup complete. Host name is box.local. Local service cookie is 1299035713.
Service "box" (/usr/local/etc/avahi/services/ssh.service) successfully established.
Service "box" (/usr/local/etc/avahi/services/sftp-ssh.service) successfully established.

Any ideas?


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