Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Elementary

On 24/09/10 18:29, ammonkey wrote:
> You misunderstand me, actually in  rhythmbox git version you only got a
> toggle Play button. With the ubuntu patch when you're playing a song
> then the "play" button transform into a "pause" button and vice et
> versa. Pause don't even exist in the git version, it's confusing, you're
> already playing a song and the UI propose to "play" not to "pause" the
> current song.

Having it toggle between Play/Pause sucks.

In doing so, the button's is-important property has to be set to false.
If it isn't and if a user's toolbars are in text-beside-icon mode (the
default), the text label would change as the user toggles the button,
causing the button to resize and making the rest of the toolbar jump around

Of course, if is-important is set to false, users get a tiny play button
that is ridiculously hard to locate and hit, which is what Meerkat now has.

I really wish Ubuntu would ditch that patch.


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