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 On 09/23/2010 11:34 AM, yank memo wrote:
do you find a combined button play/pause useless?
It saves space and why would you ever need to click play when you're listening to a song, and pause when you aren't listening to a song? It's like combining stop/go in a web browser, where you wouldn't need to click go when the page is loading and wouldn't need to stop when the page is loaded.

Our objectives:

    * cleaning up the interface:  there's many vertical pixels wasted
      actually in rhythmbox, the timescale occupy too much space.

I agree, mostly. So long as the seek-bar and its contents such as time/current track are easily visible/usable, then I don't mind compressing the UI in this way at all.

    * a compact menu to replace the menubar when hidded

When hidden? Well, GNOME Shell is going to have an application menu where application-as-a-whole options such as Preferences and Plugins will go. Once this specification is finalized, you might want to adjust the menu to fit with that, if there's any adjustment necessary. Also, why not just use Alt to temporarily bring up the menu when you need it?

    * an icon view for covert/album art: there's an excellent plugin
      which was released a few days ago, rhythmarty. It can be an
      excellent candidate to this UI revamp, i already contacted its
      developer and he's interested too to work on this project.

Honestly I think this should stay as an optional plugin. That style of album browsing is confusing and slow compared to a simple list to me, and it wastes system resources. But that's just my opinion; if you or anyone else find it useful then by all means, work on it! Just let me be able to turn it off, please :)

    * a clutterview (like in nautilus-elementary) : an animated view
      like coverflow or cooliris. something like this , 3 modes:

As with the previous, I don't really like this either. A separate plugin, or at least the ability to turn it off, would be great.

    * give rhythmbox the ability to play video files, what about my
      video clips? they're videos but they're music too. Of course
      totem/mplayer does a better job playing a video but it can't
      search my videos by artists / genre etc and propose me new
      related tracks.

Hmm, sounds like a job for Totem/Rhythmbox integration. Totem could possibly have a video library on its own, and Rhythmbox could integrate with that library by letting you pick which of your videos are related to your music and letting you search them. At least that's my idea :P

Of course all described here are only my opinions, i don't want to be rude. Rhythmbox is a great music player it does the job well, but i want more ;) The design is far from achieved we're open to any suggestions and even collaborate if we share some common interest.

Best regards,


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