Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Elementary

2010/9/23 yank memo <yankmemo gmail com>:
> We don't need a time scale which occupy all the width of the window.

Historically, it was changed to be this way because otherwise it was
difficult to seek in 1 hour long mp3s (and I'm quite sure a bug about
that can be found in bugzilla).

> an icon view for covert/album art: there's an excellent plugin which was
> released a few days ago, rhythmarty. It can be an excellent candidate to
> this UI revamp, i already contacted its developer and he's interested too to
> work on this project.
>a clutterview (like in nautilus-elementary) : an animated view like
> coverflow or cooliris. something like
> this , 3 modes:
> film/grid/coverflow.
> give rhythmbox the ability to play video files, what about my video clips?
> they're videos but they're music too. Of course totem/mplayer does a better
> job playing a video but it can't search my videos by artists / genre etc and
> propose me new related tracks.

Wouldn't it be better to work on trying to get all these things in
rhythmbox proper ? The closer you are to upstream, the easier your
changes will be to maintain.


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