[Rhythmbox-devel] iPod song sync

Hi crew,

I know, I should probably look if there is already an open bug-report, but... here I am! :)

I am experiencing an annoying problem with Rhythmbox 0.13.1-something (taken from rhythmbox ubuntu's repository) when I want to sync my different playlists to my iPod: the sync takes place smoothly, but when I unplug and reproduce transferred music on my iPod, I can see the list (and covers) of all my tracks, but I can't listen anything.

Maybe the error is related to a codec problem (actually when I try to sync, a codec error like "some file format can not be converted and transferred to the device" appears), but I do not know if those unsupported file formats are the transferred anyway and they are responsible for the error or not.

Could someone give me a hint, so that I can understand what is going on, please?



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