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On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 5:10 PM, Mark <markluxton ns sympatico ca> wrote:
>     I have installed the latest version of Ubuntu LTS 10.04. I installed the
> beta version some months back but it is up to date. Perhaps the final
> release is different and does not open Rhythmbox in an annoying way. I will
> eventually install the final release and see if it is different.
>     When I use the Gnome menu or a launcher to start Rhythmbox, instead of
> Showing the Rhythmbox window an icon shows up in the Notification Area, so
> instead of a single click, it takes three to open. Can I fix this so when I
> start Rhythmbox it actually opens? Like it did in every other GNU/Linux I
> have used? Is this a new development or a bug with Ubuntu 10.04?
Look at this thread:

>     I like Rhythmbox more over all others. I have noted some other audio
> flaws using Rhythmbox in Ubuntu 10.04 but I am hoping this also is a Ubuntu
> problem. When I start a 16kbps stream using a dial up modem and ISP, instead
> of first connecting, buffering and then playing, there is a very brief bit
> of audio that plays as if some info was still stuck in the buffer. Then
> after connecting & buffering, it plays fine. I have not seen this before the
> current LTS Ubuntu.
>     Truly, Mark Luxton
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