[Rhythmbox-devel] Some Ideas for Rhythmbox

Dear Rhythmbox-development-team,

after a short acclimatization I don't want to miss Rhythmbox in my Fedora-Installation anymore! But there are some things that could be done better. (I hope you can understand my English, I am former German and do not speak English very often)

1. It would be nice to be able to customize the toolbar-buttons.

2. If the music import function was more customizable (like in Grip), noone would need any other program to rip and encode CDs. Maybe you could make an easy- and an expert section in the preferences. (Just) for example it would be fantastic to set up the folder- and file settings as individual as in Grip by using "configuration switches".

3. Last not least it would be perfect to be able to add/remove more ID3-tags into/from the music library section. Some people - like me - sometimes put different album artist and track artist entries into the tags.

Thank you for reading and maybe you can integrate my ideas into the awesome Rhythmbox ;-)

Bye and regards from Hanover/Germany,

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