[Rhythmbox-devel] Transfer music to ipod without the ubuntu restricted extras using Rhythmbox

I found old ipod (2nd gen, Windows format) which I gave to my
daughter. I was able to read and then delete the music in it. I tried
adding files to it with no luck. My music files are all FLAC that I
rip from my Cds. I bought the Fluendo codecs and then installed LAME.
That means that I didn't install the Ubuntu restricted extras. I have
noticed that for several versions of Ubuntu, Rhythmbox will not let
you select mp3 as a rippable format if the restricted extras are not
installed. I have done this over 20 times and the result is always the
same. I can install LAME but to actually have mp3 encoding support in
Rhythmbox, you have to install the restricted extras. I do not want to
install the restricted extras. Does anyone know what happens during
the restricted extras installation that makes Rhythmbox encode to mp3?
 This will potentially make Rhythmbox transcode the FLAC to mp3 and
transfer it to the ipod.

Using Ubuntu 10.04.
Jesse Avilés

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