[Rhythmbox-devel] a suggestion

thanks for the great work so far.
but please, dont make a drop down menu on the left click, except for its ubuntu issue. so if you are not the ones to contact, could you please forward this mail to the corresponding developers? Im using the 10.04 alpha. thx!

whats the big idea on having a drop down menu on a left click, if i want to change anything in the program, id use intuitively the right click, same applies for closing the program. so please save the left click for opening the window AND getting it to the front. you need up to 3 clicks to get the desired window so you can do anything with it - at least 2 clicks. this is increasingly getting on my nerves. I hope ppl from the volume manager dont think the same way (as its the only symbol up there left with no own left click menu....)... left click to confirm you really want to open the volume settings... or maybe change audi settings?
i think i have made my point clear. its nonsense in my eyes.

if you could fix that, that would be really great thanks!
 oh and another thing for gnome developers, please make evolution be uninstallable, and empathy reach the standard of pidging  FAST!

thats all feedback i can give for now.

im sorry for all the mistakes and the little harsh way of telling.
and thanks again for all the great work done!

kind regards

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