[Rhythmbox-devel] Updated replaygain plugin, fixes pause support

Hi all,

I've put together an updated version of the replaygain plugin hack that
I built a while ago. This version works around the issue where the
plugin would forget the gain of the current track.

The actual problem appears to be that when you hit 'Pause', Rhythmbox
sets the state of the stream filter to READY instead of PAUSED, which
causes the rgvolume element to lose its state. The correct fix to this
is to actually insert the rgvolume element into a different location in
the gstreamer pipeline (right after the file decoding, with one plugin
instance per file). However, this location isn't accessible to plugins -
it would require core code changes (Which I still plan to look into...

The workaround is to use plugin code to save the gain when rhythmbox
pauses. I've attached an updated version of the plugin with minimal
changes to make this work.

Handily, core changes within Rhythmbox have corrected the issue where
uloading and loading the plugin while Rhythmbox is playing have been
corrected, so please use the latest release.

Enjoy, at least until replaygain is properly fixed :)
Calvin Walton <calvin walton gmail com>

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