[Rhythmbox-devel] Just a minor detail

I've noticed something in RhythmBox that I think should be change, it's
not a bug so I figured email was the best option I could find for
suggesting this.

When transferring songs to my iPod I noticed the status bar at the
bottom right corner showing how many songs have been transferred along
with in parentheses a percentage of the transfer, only it appears to
represent the percent of the file that's currently being transferred,
not the percentage of the total transfer. With  up to 5 songs
transferring ever second this percentage changes sporadically resulting
in it being completely useless information to the user. I think the
percentage should be changed to represent the total amount transferred.

I've attached a short recording showing what I'm trying to describe.

Attachment: test-0000.mpeg
Description: MPEG movie

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